Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Way to go Lindsay!!!!

This is such a hard picture for me to post so please no bashing. I reached my peak weight after my baby Kiersten was born in May of 2013. I tried diets, I tried low carb I even tried different diet pills. Either I couldn't stick to it or it just didn't work. I didn't really exercise but I clean houses during the day and chase my kids at night so by the time they were in bed I didn't have the energy to exercise. I was getting so depressed with the way I looked and my weight. Then in the beginning of September 2014 I went for my annual blood work. My cholesterol was through the roof and that scared me. My Dr pretty much told me either start skinny fiber or start cholesterol medicine. He told me skinny fiber was safe and all natural so I wouldn't get the jitters and feel like I was speeding and dizzy all the tome like it did with other fad diet pills and said losing weight will help my cholesterol and over all health. I started skinny fiber on September 16th. I feel better and I look better I still have a ways to go but in this 90 day period I didn't exercise other than my normal daily activity. I went from tipping the scales at 192 to 170! I finally found a product that not only works but is safe to take and isn't full of harsh chemicals and stimulants!! The pills expand to 50 times their size so by the tome I take them and cook I am not really hungry and I eat half of what I normally would!! If you have been struggling like me and can't seem to get it under control please do yourself a favor and take one last leap of faith and try skinny fiber! I promise it's the last thing you will ever use!! smile emoticon

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