Saturday, May 16, 2015

No, this woman is NOT pregnant, she has a sever case of irritable bowel syndrome, just look what Skinny Fiber did for her in just 3 months!

From Jacqueline:
This is my beautiful niece Vanessa Lizee who has given me permission to share her story:
The first picture is from January of this year. She posted it on her Facebook page and I was shocked when I saw it! I have never seen such an extreme case of IBS before. I immediately sent a message to her to ask if she would be interested in trying Skinny Fiber. The digestive enzymes as well as the fiber in Skinny Fiber have helped my stomach issues and I knew that it would help her too. Vanessa started taking skinny fiber, changed her diet and, as you can see, the results have been amazing! The second picture was taken in March and she continues to take skinny fiber, you can actually see the pink bottle at the bottom in her second picture, lol
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