Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Check out Leslie!!!

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~ "My name is Leslie,
I am 25 and have always been over weight. My whole family is big. When I got pregnant 3 yrs ago my biggest ever was 245. After I had my daughter I was still in the 215 range. I could never give up eating junk food, I was depressed all the time.
After 4th of July a family member asked me if I was going to eat all that I had on my plate-- food for like 3 people. After that person asked me that... I started my journey. I went on my own diet and lost 26 lbs. Then I heard about skinny fiber - I ordered the buy 3 get 3 free. My mom was going to do this with me... but after a couple weeks... she gave up and gave me 2 extra bottles. So this is my 90 day challenge weigh in, went from 175 to 158 and I still have another 60 days to drop at least another 15 lbs."
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