Monday, July 27, 2015

Way to go Aya!!!

Every time I hear Aya's story , I just want to cry. Skinny Fiber is way more than just weight loss. It is helping thousands of people get off their medication and get their lives back. Here is Aya's story, in her words.....

"Skinny Fiber saved my life. I love to say that I decided to take it, but more and more it seems as if it was GOD constantly putting in my path fo...r the choosing. Outside of ho...w wonderfully happy I have been since joining SBC, let me backtrack and expressed how it saved my life. In September, after taking to prescribed medications for 1.5 months, I started to decline in health at a rapid rate. I couldn’t walk and talk. I had violent tremors. My kidneys were shut down, along with my nervous system and my digestive system. Basically stuff was going in and wasn’t coming out. The medicine put an excess of 62 lbs on me. Being told by the doctors they had done what they could and they could help me any further I was given massive amounts of laxatives to try and help relieve the “tense environment” inside of me. To no avail. My stomach continue to cramp and nothing would happen. Finally at the end of November, I was told to take all the benign Fiber I could, just avoid the Fiber with Magnesium in it, because my Kidney were still out for the count. So low and behold Skinny Fiber is in my focal point again. i started taking skinny Fiber Dec.2012 Within 5 days, Skinny Fiber allowed a little ‘ole pebble to pass. And of course more after. LOL It replaced 7 medications I was on for laxative purposes alone. However, I just recently found out just how wonderful it is, even more so. I had passed 2 specimens that did not look like regular bowel movements and I decided to make sure no one needed it. So lil Nasty Aya, bagged them and gave them to the doctors who brushed them off and said, “We’ll check into it.” I just found out this week that it was confirmed that they were Parasites that were inside of me that couldn't exit because I was super backed up. Needless to say, I am more than overwhelmed to report that outside of all the praise I give Skinny Fiber I can give more. To date I have lost 67lbs. With at least half being water weight I believe. I am still trying to lose some. Within the 1st month I was taken off my Blood Pressure medication. But I look and feel better than I did before the accident. I have such an amazing support system in SBC. My doctors, when asking what medications I am on, constantly look to hear that I am still taking my Skinny Fiber and my cardiologist just asked for my site so he can offer it to some of the ladies in the office (I’m sure in the most sincere way. Wouldn’t want him to catch a beatdown). But Skinny Fiber is changing lives. If it isn’t changing yours, trust it is changing the person next to you! That’s how Skinny Fiber do!

I am not speaking to you from the grave. I am testifying above the ground saying that Skinny Fiber saved my life. I thank GOD for allowing it to be my obvious choice at the perfect time in my life. Because I am now living, enjoying life. As you can probably assume, I am talking just fine. Walking better than ever. The tremors have since subsided. And I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I love SBC and I will continue to share because it feels so much like the right thing to do."

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