Wednesday, November 5, 2014

7 New Uses for Tea Bags:

Relief for Bites and Stings
If you’ve been stung or bitten, take a used tea bag and put it in the freezer for five minutes. Take it out and apply the cool, damp compress to your skin for a few minutes for instant relief. The tannins found in tea have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce redness.
DIY Anti-Aging Treatment
Toss a few green or black tea bags into steaming hot water in your bathroom sink. Throw a towel over your head and hover over the steaming tea for a few minutes. Green tea and black tea have high amounts of antioxidants in them, so you they can help your skin glow and even minimize pores.

Carpet Cleaner
Let used lavender tea bags fully dry. Open up a few and sprinkle the leaves on your carpet. Let them sit for about 10 minutes, then vacuum for fresh-smelling carpets. Bonus: The scent of lavender is also a natural stress reliever.

Meat Tenderizer
Take the tea leaves out of about eight black-tea bags after they’ve dried. Let the tea leaves steep in three and a half cups of hot water for 10 minutes. Then strain the tea and pour the solution over a pot roast. Marinate the roast overnight and cook it the next day!

Eye Depuffer
Soak two tea bags in ice water and then use them as a compress over your eyelids. The cold bags will reduce swelling and puffiness.

Hand Odor Eliminator
Using freshly chopped garlic cloves and onions makes for flavorful recipes, but they can leave your hands with a strong, lingering scent. Get rid of garlic and onion hands by rubbing some used, moist tea bags all over your hands and each finger, then wash with warm water and soap to remove the odor.

Freshen Up Old Sneakers
If your sneakers are smelly long after you’re done exercising, add an odor absorber in the form of tea bags to reduce the sweat stench. Simply put dry tea bags in any pair of shoes overnight to turn funky soles into fresh ones.

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