Saturday, November 22, 2014

My cute little snowman family

What you need:
2 water bottles
2 empty rolls of toilet paper
orange construction paper
computer paper
some scrap fabric
1. cut 1/4 off the top of one of the toilet paper rolls
2. wrap both water bottles and toilet paper rolls with computer paper cut to fit and tape.
3. use some scrap fabric or yarn to make a scarves
4. cut a triangles out of the orange paper and fold in half and glue or tape on your snowman.
5. Draw a face on your snowman
6. draw on some buttons or paste on some real ones
7. to make the hats I cut rectangles out of the fabric folded them in half and put a rubber band around the top and then you can either sew up the seam but I just put some tape on it lol (I hate sewing)
8. put the hats on your snowmen with the seams on the back and you're done