Monday, September 8, 2014

Time Out in a Bottle!

Time out ends up taking longer and they are much calmer because they shake the bottles over and over to watch the confetti float in the bottle.

Easy, frugal and kid-friendly!

All you need:
One sturdy, empty, clean water bottle with lid per child.
Two tubes of clear glitter glue per bottle.
Fine glitter.
One package of tin foil confetti.
Super Glue to glue lid onto water bottle when complete.

Empty both tubes of glitter glue into the empty bottle. Add a couple pinches of the confetti (depends on how many you want your child to observe when they shake up the bottle). Now pour in about 1 ounce of the fine glitter.

Fill bottle 3/4 full of very warm water; tighten lid and shake well to break up and dissolve the glue. Time how long it takes the glitter to settle out to the bottom of the bottle and add in extra glitter -- repeating the shaking / timing process -- until you have at least 5 minutes of "time out".

When you are satisfied with your bottle, super glue the lid to the bottle to ensure the kids don't accidentally remove the lid and pour it out into the carpet or fish tank

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